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Feng Shui for Children’s Rooms

The most obvious factors to consider regarding children's bedrooms are that they are growing, exploring, active, curious and evolving into their true potential. Feng Shui for Children is also known to make a difference in supporting children with A.D.D.(Attention Deficit Disorder) helping them to focus and concentrate in their school work and their emotional lives.

Children usually spend one-third of their formative life's in their bedrooms, it is vital that their space reflects their personality and desire to explore and grow.

It is not surprising today when we see all the electrical equipment, toys, books and clutter, etc in children's rooms that many of them have problems with A. D. D.   Their rooms are causing them to have problems with focusing, concentrating and sleeping.

Feng Shui for Children can support your child's hypersensitivity, their sleep and growth by creating rooms that are well-balanced. Working with the principles of feng shui and color, giving them rooms that are harmonious and fun for them to play with their friends, study and be happy and grounded emotionally.

Here are some of the most important factors when working with Feng Shui for Children. It is important to keep the central center of the room free for them to use as they please. Whether for games, their projects of simply to play with their friends or siblings. It needs to be free for the circulation of chi (energy). Mobiles are excellent in children's rooms as they help to circulate the chi(energy) of a space.

Colors:  When children are 2 years or older it is better to work with cooler, calmer colors as their energy tends to become more active. If a child is very hyperactive use soft earthy colors. This can help them to stay calmer and more grounded. If you want to use some bright colors in your child or children's room then you can accent with them.

Beds:  This is very important - When a child is under 5 years old, one side of the bed needs to be against the wall  this provides support and stability. The position of the bed is very important in relationship to the door (as with adults) also, their beds should have a stable head board made of wood, which is more stabilizing than metal. 

Also, bunk beds can cause problems in causing pressure on the child that is sleeping on the bottom bunk. There are also corrections that I can use to cure these issues , If there are two children sharing a room each needs to have their individual space, this can be done by dividing the bedroom with a nice light simple screen divider.

Electrical Equipment: Move all electrical items far from the bed. Electrical items create magnetic fields which are negative and proven to deplete energy and prevent  energy from moving freely. Such items include baby monitors, sound machines, televisions, computers and clock radios. Electrical equipment is very disruptive, particularly when a child is sleeping. If a child is suffering from A.D.D. it is very important to remove as much equipment as possible from their room, especially the equipment that is close to their bed.

Nature: Bringing nature into the room in some way always helps children to be grounded. Pictures of gardens, trees, flowers, a lake, waterfall, etc. Sometimes depending upon the child and where the room is located in the home an aquarium or a small slow moving water fountain is really fun for them.

Children just like adults need their own space and one that is balanced and harmonious. Give your child a gift of a feng shui consultation. 

Feng Shui for Children contact Sharon Siegel, Feng Shui Lifestyle Design Consultant at or call her for an appointment at 212-570-6186

Sharon Siegel is available to do speaking engagements for children’s pre-schools and children’s nurseries in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. If you would like more information about having Sharon come to your facility to speak about how feng shui can improve your child’s health, joy and emotional well being please contact her by emailing