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Harmony Thru Design Crystal Consultations
Harmony Thru Design Crystal Consultations
Harmony Thru Design Crystal Consultations
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New York Feng Shui Consultant
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Crystal Environmental Work

Crystals are a beautiful gift from nature that can be used to create balance, harmony and tranquility within a commercial or residential space.  In feng shui, they can be used in many ways.  In working with the Eight House system (the auspicious vs. inauspicious sectors), crystals can be used to balance out the different sectors-  further enhancing the positive areas and healing the less-positive ones.   Each sector of a space in feng shui corresponds to one of the five elements: metal, water, wood, fire or earth.  Crystals can be chosen by color to enhance or balance out a sector's given element-  for example, a blue or black crystal such as Lapis lazuli, Onyx or Aquamarine will resonate with the element of water.   Crystals can also balance out a sector based on its vibrational number.

     Crystals are not limited for use in interior space- they are often utilized to balance the exterior space as well.  The surrounding property often also requires healing- and as crystals are energetically 'from the earth', they serve as a wonderful, natural support for the outside grounds.  Any built structure- both commercial and residential, can only benefit when the land it sits on is also in harmony.

       Lastly, on a personal level, crystals can be used in conjunction with kinesiology, the alternative healing art that tests the muscles of one's body to identify its imbalances.  Crystals can be selected to specifically support the areas of the physical body that need it.  This method can also help to balance energy in any area of life where there has been difficulty- not only health, but career, wealth and relationships as well.  Used correctly, crystals can help ground beneficial energy and dispel stagnant energy- within one's physical body, space and life.

Crystal (Natural Minerals) Consultations

Create harmony and balance to your environment through crystal-personalized placement.

Customize your home, office, spa, etc.,. With beautiful one of a kind natural crystals that can be used in creating a balanced, tranquil and harmonious space.

In working with the Eight-House system of Feng Shui and your auspicious ([positive) and inauspicious (negative) personal directions and the use of kinesology (energy testing) the appropriate crystal can be chosen to support you and the environment you work or live in.

The crystals can support balancing the interior environments or exterior grounds surrounding the property to neutralize the unbalanced energies that can be causing problems in having ones environment support them in better health, balanced, relationships, career and prosperity in ones life.

(1-hour minimum) Prices starting at $150 a session (crystals are not included)

Available for speaking engagements made upon request.