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New York Feng Shui Consultant
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Long Distance Consultations

These consultations are available and just as effective as on site ones for clients that are living in a different state or city.

On the initial phone conversation we will discuss what you would like to accomplish, your goals and what problems if any have been occurring since you (and your family or workers) have occupied the environment. We will discuss the different areas of accomplishment, wealth, prosperity, business, relationship and health. We will also discuss your thoughts on how you would like to accomplish these things. By working with colors, different placement of rooms, furniture, etc.

I will then need to have an accurate floor plan of the space (with the exact compass Directions, the approximate year the home or business was built. The birthrates of each of the people that are living or working in the space.

What you will receive back from me will be your floor plan with all highlighted areas, the enhancements, the colors and the specific areas that need to be activated.

Also, you will receive copies of charts that will give you your power and sleeping directions.

Then we will set up a second phone conversation to discuss the suggested changes and make sure that you are satisfied with them.

We will continue to be in touch by phone and email until you are satisfied and have completed all the enhancements that need to be done.

To contact Sharon call 212-570-6186 or e-mail her at: or .